Monday, June 16, 2008

South Carolina Greens in Office

Since he was first elected to the James Island Public Service District in 1993, Eugene Platt has worked to assure a high level of service for the PSD's constituents and fought to save that community from excessive development by short-sighted, often greedy developers.

Eugene joined the Green Party earlier in 2008 because he sees in the Green Party the sort of respect for the environment and a commitment to planning and vision for a future we want to leave future generations.

Eugene joins the ranks for the hundreds of elected Greens who serve their voters in roles much like Eugene does. Focused more on doing things for the people he was elected to serve than on advancing their careers, public servants like Eugene, Lee Jane and Preston below show all Greens the value of putting people first.

In addition to our sole elected Green, party members serve in South Carolina in these appointed positions:

Preston Holston
Conservation Commission
Richland County

Lee Jane Kaufman
Tree and Beautification Commission
City of Columbia

The South Carolina Green Party is proud to be associated with each of these public officials.

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