Sunday, June 08, 2008

SC Green endorsed candidates on the ballot Tuesday

South Carolina is one of several states which permit fusion. Fusion means that a candidate appears on the ballot as the nominee of more than one party and wins the accumulated vote of all ballot lines.

Eugene Platt, a candidate in Tuesday's Democratic primary, is one such candidate. In his case, if he secures the Democratic nomination in his race for State House seat 115, he will appear as the nominee of both the democratic and Green Parties.

Platt secured the Green Party nomination at the state convention held in Columbia on May 3rd, and the Green Party encourages those voting in the Democratic Party primary on Tuesday to vote Platt.

Platt also has a Face Book webpage, and he'd love to have you sign up if you too have a page there.

Platt's campaign manager, his son Paul, is a Green from San Francisco, and as he pointed out in a message to the state mailing list, Platt's campaign has helped put the Green Party in Charleston on the map by buying advertisements in his district (Charleston) media pointing out his nomination by the Greens and the Working Families Party as a sign to Democrats that the time to support real change is now.

Please contact the Platt campaign if you can help on election day. He can be reached by calling 843-795-9442.

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