Monday, September 07, 2009

Agenda suggestions for the Sept 13th steering committee meeting

Eugene: Candidate recruitment, ballot access ACLU lawsuit and ACLU/Kevin Gray lawsuit, and his plans, and results of presentation at state AFL-CIO convention.

Sue: Report on Charleston chapter, discussion and acceptance of Charleston chapter application.

David: Treasurer's report, election deadlines info.

Scott: Discussion on progress (text to review, or perhaps a report on a mailing if we can get it together by then) on monthly mailings, update on website and Pay Pal progress report.

Gregg: Report on membership and fundraising, Duke rate hike intervention.

The Steering Committee as a whole will discuss replacing Leslie Minerd, who has resigned her position making the space available to someone else.

Rolf has indicated that he will be at the meeting, and plans to spend some time in the law library after the steering committee meeting. Marianne, and hopefully Joseph and Liz will be there as well. If you can come, please do so, and please bring friends.

There are proposals from a bunch of groups to hold anti-war demonstrations on October 17th, and the Green National Committee is considering endorsing the anti-war demonstrations. You can see the progress of the vote here. This "National Assembly" the Green National Committee is considering joining can be found at their website. The text of the proposal the Green National Committee is voting on is available here.

We should see if we can fit in time for reviewing a possible platform statement from Scott. The South Carolina Green Party is entitled to two representatives on the Green National Committee. In the meantime, the Green National Committee is considering a rule change that would allow the Green National Committee to limit posts to the Votes list to three a day. The Discussion list will apparently be left with as many messages a day as the writer chooses.



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