Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minutes from the 2008 SC Green Party Convention

The South Carolina Green Party held its Annual Convention on August 8, 2009 at the Black Caucus Community Center, 2523 Read Street, Columbia, SC.

The meeting was pleasant and productive. There is a definite uptick in activity within the party and the attendees were optimistic going into 2010.

1. David Whiteman, Gregg Jocoy and Nammu Muhammad were reelected to the Steering Committee for terms running 2009 - 2011.

2. Sue Edward was nominated to the Steering Committee by the Convention to be appointed at the next Steering Committee meeting.

3. The Convention endorsed filing an objection with the Public Service Commisstion on behalf of the SCGP against Duke Power's request for a 9% rate increase. The increase is likely intended to in part fund new coal and nuclear power plants, which would create electricity for 'export' out of South Carolina. Gregg and Scott were to coordinate on the language of the filing. Rolf Baghdady, an attorney, is to file the paperwork.

4. Eugene Platt recommitted to candidate recruitment.

5. Gregg Jocoy entreated all to pledge monthly donations to the SCGP account to build up a fighting fund. Scott West obtained paperwork from David Whiteman which will enable a PayPal account for the website.
6. Sue Edward and Larry Carter Center announced the application of the Charleston Green Party to become a local affiliate of the SC Green Party.

7. Gregg will take steps to constitue a Greenville local; Scott, a Spartanburg local. Gregg will be in contact with York Green, Liz Smith-Anderson regarding reactivating local there.

8. Scott West produced a print copy of the SCGP Bulletin, produced an flyer on health care in SC. These will be uploaded to the SCGP website for easy distribution. Scott intends to produce a 4-page Bulletin on a monthly basis that will be mailed to core supporters, and expanded as convenient. Flyers can now be produced for tabling and door to door work in local and state campaigns.

9. Eugene almost-officially announced that he would be a candidate for State House District 115.

10. Several prospective members for the Steering Committee were discussed at length. Gregg mentioned three people who may be interested. Eugene urged that Sue Edward be seated on the steering committee as soon as possible. Particular interest was placed in bringing gender equality to the Steering Committee.

11. Some discussion of 2010 candidacies, but nothing concrete: Scott and Gregg intend to run for Soil and Water Commission in Spartanburg and Greenville Counties, respectively.

12. Nammu Muhammed will definitely run for Mayor of Columbia. The election will be held in April 2010. Attendees briefly discussed Nammu's past electoral work and community organizing in the Waverly neighborhood. Nammu will be the only candidate in the election discussing gentrification.

Attendees: Rolf Baghdady, John Castillo, Larry Carter Center, Karen Clarke, Sue Edward, Gregg Jocoy, Nammu Muhammed, Eugene Platt, C. Faye Walters, Scott West, and David Whiteman.

Minutes compiled by Scott West.

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