Sunday, August 30, 2009

South Carolina’s energy future being re-written, Greens will participate

At the recent Green Party national convention the delegates decided that energy would be part of our focus over the next year. This has been an important decision for us here in South Carolina.

The state's electric suppliers have proposed building four new nuclear power plants. Two are proposed near Jenkinsville, and two near Gaffney.

In addition, utilities have proposed a coal burning power plant near Florence. Recently Santee Cooper, the utility, decided to cancel their plans to build this coal burner.

Duke Energy has filed a rate increase request with the South Carolina Public Service Commission to pay for new nuclear power plants, the Cliffside Coal power plant in Rutherford County, NC, and to provide higher returns to their stockholders, according to their statements to the press.

The South Carolina Green Party state convention authorized the steering committee to file an intervention with the Public Service Commission against the Duke proposal. The deadline to file as an interveenor is in September, and the groundwork to do so is being lain right now. A press release and the official filing will likely follow closely on the heals of the September 13th steering committee meeting in Columbia. Green Party members as well as the general public are invited to attend this meeting, from noon to 2 PM at The Meeting Place, located at 2523 Read Street, close to Two Notch Road.

In our intervention we will likely argue that Duke Energy must be denied their rate increase at least until they develop and implement programs to reduce demand for electricity, thereby limiting demand for new generation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minutes from the 2008 SC Green Party Convention

The South Carolina Green Party held its Annual Convention on August 8, 2009 at the Black Caucus Community Center, 2523 Read Street, Columbia, SC.

The meeting was pleasant and productive. There is a definite uptick in activity within the party and the attendees were optimistic going into 2010.

1. David Whiteman, Gregg Jocoy and Nammu Muhammad were reelected to the Steering Committee for terms running 2009 - 2011.

2. Sue Edward was nominated to the Steering Committee by the Convention to be appointed at the next Steering Committee meeting.

3. The Convention endorsed filing an objection with the Public Service Commisstion on behalf of the SCGP against Duke Power's request for a 9% rate increase. The increase is likely intended to in part fund new coal and nuclear power plants, which would create electricity for 'export' out of South Carolina. Gregg and Scott were to coordinate on the language of the filing. Rolf Baghdady, an attorney, is to file the paperwork.

4. Eugene Platt recommitted to candidate recruitment.

5. Gregg Jocoy entreated all to pledge monthly donations to the SCGP account to build up a fighting fund. Scott West obtained paperwork from David Whiteman which will enable a PayPal account for the website.
6. Sue Edward and Larry Carter Center announced the application of the Charleston Green Party to become a local affiliate of the SC Green Party.

7. Gregg will take steps to constitue a Greenville local; Scott, a Spartanburg local. Gregg will be in contact with York Green, Liz Smith-Anderson regarding reactivating local there.

8. Scott West produced a print copy of the SCGP Bulletin, produced an flyer on health care in SC. These will be uploaded to the SCGP website for easy distribution. Scott intends to produce a 4-page Bulletin on a monthly basis that will be mailed to core supporters, and expanded as convenient. Flyers can now be produced for tabling and door to door work in local and state campaigns.

9. Eugene almost-officially announced that he would be a candidate for State House District 115.

10. Several prospective members for the Steering Committee were discussed at length. Gregg mentioned three people who may be interested. Eugene urged that Sue Edward be seated on the steering committee as soon as possible. Particular interest was placed in bringing gender equality to the Steering Committee.

11. Some discussion of 2010 candidacies, but nothing concrete: Scott and Gregg intend to run for Soil and Water Commission in Spartanburg and Greenville Counties, respectively.

12. Nammu Muhammed will definitely run for Mayor of Columbia. The election will be held in April 2010. Attendees briefly discussed Nammu's past electoral work and community organizing in the Waverly neighborhood. Nammu will be the only candidate in the election discussing gentrification.

Attendees: Rolf Baghdady, John Castillo, Larry Carter Center, Karen Clarke, Sue Edward, Gregg Jocoy, Nammu Muhammed, Eugene Platt, C. Faye Walters, Scott West, and David Whiteman.

Minutes compiled by Scott West.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Bulletin 7.2: Join us at the State Convention on August 8th!

Volume 7 No. 2 – August 1, 2009





(1) JOIN US AT THE ANNUAL STATE CONVENTION ON AUGUST 8th *****************************

Please join us for the annual state convention of the South Carolina Green Party in Columbia on Saturday, August 8th, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. We will be meeting at the new Black Caucus Community Center, 2523 Read Street, Columbia, SC 29204.

The community center is near the corner of Read Street and Two Notch Road. From the State House, at the corner of Gervais and Assembly, go east on Gervais, past Bull Street and Harden Street, and then turn left on Millwood Avenue (following the signs for Highway 1). Go north 8/10 of a mile on Millwood (it turns into Two Notch Road as you pass Forest Drive), and then turn left onto Read Street. Go west on Read Street for a short while, past Harper Street, and 2523 will be on your right.

Everyone is encouraged to attend!


Registration will begin at 1:45. The main items on the agenda are the elections for the Steering Committee and a discussion of SCGP goals for 2009-2010.

a. Report from Steering Committee on 2008-2009

b. Election of Steering Committee members

c. Reports from Locals

d. Setting SCGP Goals for 2009-10

e. Organizing for action at state and local levels

f. Adjournment


Nominations are now closed for the Steering Committee elections. Committee members will be elected by current members attending the State Convention. Three people have accepted nominations to be on the ballot:

Gregg Jocoy:

My goal for the South Carolina Green Party would be to identify two things we can do effectively over the next six months, and work to make those two projects a success. As an example, I can imagine the South Carolina Green Party working hand in hand with Greens from other states, especially Georgia, to make the Green Party presence at the protest at the School of the America's at Fort Benning, GA noticeable to all there. Another could be to have a large presence at the Pride event in the fall in Columbia.

Rather than goals like "Growing our membership" or "Establishing new chapters", these goals can be met with our current small numbers. If we are seen as successful by our own membership and folks at these events we should have a positive roll going, leading to more successes over the following six months.

We should consider establishing other goals as well, such as reporting, holding regular meetings, membership targets, and improved communications, but all these should follow success in the first two efforts. We must build confidence for larger targets by setting and hitting goals that make us stretch, but not to the point where the system breaks down.

Most of you know that I was involved in helping secure the cooperation of the Natural Law Party in transferring their ballot line to us. I have written, in cooperation with my fellow York County Greens, a series of columns covering everything from a local hospital debate to the war on Iraq, for almost two years. Printed in YC Magazine, several pieces will be available for reading at the state convention, and are also online now at the York County Greens website,

In addition I write one of the most widely read...very sad to say, blogs on the Internet that deals with Green Party business. I say largest because, while my hits are very low, so are the hits for almost any Green Party blog at this point. I'm averaging about a dozen a day at this point. The blog can be read at

Nammu Muhammad:

In 2001, I became very interested in community issues. As the result of my interests and concerns, I formed "The Association" which is primarily responsible for keeping the community informed about relevant issues that may impact them. An example of my initiatives: I was instrumental with helping a person save her home which was being taken from her illegally. I worked with youth in my neighborhood to organize several car washes which provided them financial assistance toward the purchase of school clothes and spending change for themselves. Some of the children were not accustomed to receiving an allowance from their parents or primary caretakers, so, hopefully, you can imagine how happy they were to have some pocket change. I served as Antonio Williams' Campaign Manager for his District II election bid for City Council, and I worked very diligently for Ms. Efia Nwangaza during her campaign for governor. Most recently, I ran as a Green Party candidate for the Richland County Council in 2006.

David Whiteman

I have been an active member of the SC Green Party since its founding, and I currently serve as Secretary-Treasurer on the Steering Committee. I teach political science at USC and am the director of USC's Center for Sustainable Futures, which coordinates the university's environmental education activities.

My main activities for the Green Party this past year have been to file our quarterly paperwork with the State Ethics Commission, file our reports with the State Elections Commission and County Election Commissions, maintain our bank accounts, write and send out newsletters, maintain our database, and serve as a Delegate to the Green National Committee.

I would like to serve another term in order to help the SCGP reach more of its potential for public education and campaigning. We've been able to attract interesting candidates, but we need more attention to helping those candidates become more visible in the electoral process.


According the SCGP bylaws, in order to be considered a member of the Party for meetings and conventions, a citizen must have either (a) paid annual dues or (b) been an active member of a party organization in the state. To be sure you are a member for 2009, send in your $25 annual membership contribution. You can send your checks to SCGP, P.O. Box 5341, Columbia, SC, 29250.


One major priority this year is to build strong local Green Party organizations in every area of the state. If you see a local party for your area in the list below, please contact the person listed. If you don’t see a local in your area, please volunteer to help organize a local group (especially if you're in Charleston)! For assistance to get you started, reply to this email (if you're on our distribution list) or contact Bill Bobo,, 803-279-9604.

CHARLESTON GREEN PARTY (Charleston/Berkeley/Dorchester)
Next meeting: 7pm first Monday of each month at Earth Fare on Folly Rd Blvd.
For more information, contact:
Sue Edward,, 843-763-7304
Larry Carter Center 843-926-1750

MIDLANDS GREEN PARTY (Richland/Lexington):
Next meeting TBA.
For more information, contact David Whiteman,, 803-799-1205.

Next meeting TBA. Held at 3514 Gamble Road (off of Gregg, between Richland Ave and Trolley Line Road, about 2-3 blocks south of Trolley Line Road).
For more information contact Bill Bobo,, 803-279-9604.

Next meeting: TBA.
For more information, contact Gregg Jocoy,, 803-547-212.


Our state and national committees need your skills!

(a) State. Opportunities exist for volunteers on all state committees, including communication, fundraising, website, elections, and outreach and membership. If you're interested, please reply to this email and let us know about your interests and skills.

(b) National. The SCGP is eligible to have representatives serve on most of the national USGP committees. For a list of committees, check out If you’re interested in becoming a member, please reply to this email.


Encourage your friends to become members of the SCGP. The best way is just have them sign up through our website ( Or they can send their name, address, and phone number in reply to this email. We will add them to our mailing list and forward their names to our local organizers.


In addition to the SCGP Bulletin, which is distributed 2-3 times a month, the SCGP maintains a discussion/action forum for its members. If you are interested in receiving more frequent emails about issues and events related to green politics, please join the our Discussion Forum by visiting:


Gregg Jocoy (2007-2009),
4 Polaski Court, 
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Leslie Minerd (2008-2010),

2716 Blossom St, Columbia, SC 29205

Nammu Muhammad (2007-2009),
1517 Manning Ave, Columbia, SC 29204

Eugene Platt (2008-2010),
734 Gilmore Court, James Island, SC 29412

Scott West (2008-2010)
3 Oakland Avenue, Inman, SC 29349-1542

David Whiteman (2007-2009),
200 Harden St, Columbia, SC 29205

[vacant] (2008-2010)

SCGP delegates to Green National Committee:
David Whiteman (delegate)

SCGP members on national committees:
Coordinated Campaign Committee: [vacant]
International Committee: Jermaine Simmons
Media Committee: [vacant]


Eugene Platt (elected)
James Island Public Service District Commission

Preston Holston (appointed)
Conservation Commission
Richland County

Lee Jane Kaufman (appointed)
Tree and Beautification Commission
City of Columbia


The SC Green Party Bulletin, distributed no more than 2-3 times each month, is designed to keep members and friends of the SC Green Party informed about important state activities and events.

If you would like to stop receiving the Bulletin and be deleted from the SC Green Party database, simply respond to this email and ask to be removed.


Visit the new South Carolina Green Party web log at

This blogger site is no longer being updated. It is an archive for posts made from 2006 - 2009. Entries for 2010 exist on both sites.


Donate to the South Carolina Green Party
$25 = one year SCGP dues and supports independent politics in South Carolina.