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Meet the 2010 Green Party Candidates

2010 Candidates of the South Carolina Green Party

For United States Senate: Tom Clements

Tom Clements is currently the Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for the US branch of Friends of the Earth, a full-time position he has held since January 2008. Tom worked for 13 years as a nuclear campaigner with the Greenpeace International nuclear campaign and for three years was the director of the Nuclear Control Institute in Washington, DC, where he worked on a host of issues related to proliferation of nuclear materials and technology. In the past, Tom has served as a volunteer with the Red Cross, Peace Brigades International, and with the Talking Books Program in Georgia. Tom has a Masters in Forest resources from the University of Georgia and a BA from Emory University. He is a sixth generation Georgian who was born in Savannah. In 2009, Tom won the Grassroots Campaigner of the Year award from the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (umbrella group of NGO’s working around Department Of Energy nuclear sites) and also won the Thunder and Lightning activist award from the S.C. Progressive Network in 2009.

For U.S. House of Representatives, District 1: Robert Dobbs

Robert Dobbs is a U.S. Army Airborne veteran and small business owner who lives and works in Georgetown. Married with two daughters, Robert served five terms as a county supervisor and one term as a city councilman in his home state of Wisconsin. A disabled veteran and the father of children diagnosed with autism, Robert Dobbs is a strong advocate for disabled persons. Robert Dobbs pledges to work as a citizen legislator for the people of South Carolina: he will accept no pension for his work there, will vote against pay increases for Congress and pledges to return any Congressional raises to the U.S. Treasury. In order to build a lasting foundation for America’s economic prosperity and security, we need to organize around the core challenges facing Americans and their families: create jobs and rebuild our economy, keep families in their homes and not in foreclosure, health care reform that helps families and not insurance companies and better funding for our education system.

For U.S. House of Representatives, District 4: Faye Walters

Faye Walters is a Greenville political activist and local business owner. Faye has campaigned for the District 1 congressional seat in every election since 1996. Faye favors a shift from military power to increased use of intelligence and peaceful alliances with other countries, the use of renewable energy sources, and universal health care insurance that will put funds from existing programs into one fund resulting in less fraud, less confusion and less worry for the consumer. Faye supports the replacement of the VA system with efficient medical coverage that will respectfully handle the needs of returning soldiers and provide funding to those who have long-term physical needs. Faye would taking aggressive action and be committed to increasing both energy efficiency and the use of renewable and non-polluting energy sources. This approach will protect our environment, create energy self-sufficiency and create new jobs and new industry in energy conservation and renewable energy sources.

For U.S. House of Representatives, District 6: Nammu Muhammad

Nammu Muhammad is a life-long resident of the threatened Waverly community in Columbia. An electrician, Nammu has worked against gentrification and the displacement of longstanding communities by a business driven and unaccountable development program. Together with other residents, Nammu organized and helps to operate a community meeting place at 2523 Read Street in Waverly. Nammu was a candidate for mayor of Columbia in 2010.

2010 State Candidates of the South Carolina Green Party

For South Carolina Governor: Morgan Reeves

Morgan Reeves is a pastor and businessman from Irmo. A talented Irmo High School athlete, Morgan graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Planning and a minor in Business Administration. Morgan went on to play in the National Football League for the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Colts. Morgan is a Volunteer Minister and Counselor for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and former pastor of six churches in South Carolina. Morgan is founder and president of the M.B.Reeves Community Unity Scholarship Foundation and is an active fundraiser for Allen University in Columbia. Morgan owns and manages a construction land-clearing company which has provided jobs for children during the summer.

For South Carolina Attorney General: Leslie Minerd
Leslie Minerd is a small business person, operating the Hip Wa Zee in the Five Points area of Columbia for more than a decade. Minerd is known across the state for her dedication to environmental and human rights causes. Clean Air, No Nukes, and Social Justice could well be Minerd’s tag line. Voted one of South Carolina’s most successful activists, Minerd has a long history in the center of South Carolina progressive politics. In 1999 she and two other activists in South Carolina helped re-establish the United Citizens Party. She led the effort to place Ralph Nader atop the UCP ticket in 2000. She is a member of the Five Points Association, serving on their Future 5 Committee and Green Committee, pointing to her commitment to the Green Values of Future Focus and Ecological Wisdom.

For South Carolina Superintendent of Education: Dorthea Bull
Dorthea Bull ran for the Richland County School District One at-large seat in 2008, earning more than 4000 votes. The owner of the Dorothea's African-American Books and Gifts on Two Notch Road for many years, Bull has been a leader in the South Carolina Statewide Maafa Reparations Committee. She was featured on “Connections”, an ETV program. The episode, “Connections: Attack On America-A Broader View”, and addressed the questions “How do African-Americans feel about the aftermath of the attacks on September 11th? Are African-Americans more patriotic? Do we feel the oneness? And what about American foreign policy?”

For South Carolina House District 115: Eugene Platt

Eugene Platt, the only Green serving in an elected position in South Carolina, is a candidate for State House Seat 115. Currently, Platt serves on the James Island Public Service District Commission. He has held that position since 1993 and most recently was reelected in 2008 as the top votegetter among eight candidates. Platt pledges to be one of the strongest voices in the State Legislature for working families. He would introduce legislation to end South Carolina's status as a so-called "Right to Work" state. Environmental and social justice issues are among Platt’s chief concerns. Platt says the criminal justice system must be completely revamped, focusing on the safety of law-abiding citizens. To that end, the State Highway Patrol should be increased by at least 100 new troopers to insure the safety of our highways. Recognizing that capital punishment compromises our corporate morality and has no place in a civilized society, he would work to end it in South Carolina---and the nation. he is encouraged by growing disenchantment about both major parties being expressed by voters not only in House District 115 Voters want true altenatives---and they are truly ready to “Live Green, Vote Green.”

For South Carolina House District 25: D.C. Swinton

D.C. Swinton is running as a Green/Democrat who will infuse youth into the SC House of Representatives. Swinton will work for a moratoium on new coal and nuclear plants in SC. Public utilities should be repairing the electrical grid, thereby improving efficiency and creating jobs. Swinton proposes tax credits for homeowners and businesses that install white or green roofs and reduce energy consumption. We cannot continue to cut funds from education. Teachers should be encouraged by pay incentives to work in poorer districts. Swinton will work to make ballot initiatives an effective tool of the electorate. Citizen involvement in the political process will increase legislative accountability. Women make up over half of our population, but only a small number of SC elected officials. Swinton will sponsor legislation that would require all parties that offer a male candidate for a state office to submit a female candidate to contest the primary.
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For South Carolina House District 74: Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones is a student at Midland Tech in Columbia. Following in Nammu Muhammad’s footsteps into politics as a way to improve the community he lives and works in, Jones is one of two Green Party candidates in his 20s. His campaign will be focused in part on helping people in his community find ways to connect in meaningful ways, using The Meeting Place community center as a template for organizing across the area.



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